Laudea is a complete end-to-end solution, built to cater to the needs of all stakeholders involved in Higher Educational Institutions.

Built on the latest technology stack, it offers a host of modules which can be readily deployed and accessed from any platform or any device. It helps institutions automate and replace cumbersome and inefficient manual systems, processes and procedures related to all aspects of their functioning and effectively transform themselves for the digital age.
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Why Laudea?
Coming from the PSG stable, Laudea has been built in close consultation with academia, students and alumni thereby providing a ready feature list which more accurately captures the common workflows and process flows and addresses the common pain points in a HEI. It also fully leverages the latest developments in the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) space enabling the institution to be future-ready.

Add to this, unmatched customer support, support for phased roll-out, exhaustive customization / configuration options and continuous upgrades, and you get a product suite which truly empowers all the stakeholders of a HEI and meets their needs, today and tomorrow.
An unmatched product line-up yet loosely coupled

Key Modules

Student Management System
  • Provides a comprehensive Student Information System with full student profile
  • Capture Attendance and Leave; Conduct assessments (assignments, exams) and mark grades; Issue hall tickets using the System and many more
  • Provide Student Login to pay fees, update profile, requisition various services like ID Card, transfer certificate, hall ticket etc.
  • Submit and review assignments/tests and view results online; apply for re-evaluation.
  • Integrated with other modules so that student/teacher/parent can view details such as student’s fee receipt, timetable, course information, attendance details, exam performance, hostel activities, transport details, library usage details etc depending on role privileges.
Faculty Management System
  • View detailed faculty profile including personal information, qualification, skill sets, experience, salary, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities; enable e-copies/uploads of all supporting documents through Employee Login.
  • Capture all research and consultancy work data of staff by integrating with Project Management and Finance / Accounting modules and by upload of faculty publications, grants and project documents.
  • Track and view faculty attendance and leave-related information; set up approval routing.
  • Track faculty performance by integrating data from Appraisal/Evaluation and Feedback Modules; view details of Training and Professional development programs conducted
  • Deliver assignments and course workload online; process and publish results; monitor student performance; manage course workload
  • Support faculty recruitment process through online applications; manage interviews and appointments
Curriculum Management System
  • Manage programs and courses: create, revise and manage course content throughout a course’s lifecycle; provide approval routing
  • Create Program and Course-level Outcomes and define various levels of attainment. Map course-level outcomes to course objectives and/or to specific tests, assignments, activities and exams.
  • Create and manage lesson plans and time tables.
  • Create and manage question banks; create knowledge bases by creating course repositories including course materials, videos, assignments and other resources.
  • Enable students to register for courses through the Course Registration module; allow faculty to tailor course content by finding and integrating content from external sources.
Admission Module
  • Manage the Admissions process with ease right from student enquiry/application to enrollment; eliminate paper-based forms and save time and money.
  • Enable applicants to apply online to programs via Online Portal; enable hassle-free online payment and tracking of applications throughout the admission process.
  • Capture all necessary selection criteria and configure ranking rules; manage quotas and allocations; generate various Selection Lists including Merit Lists and Waiting Lists based on specific criteria; configure and customize various stages of the admission process.
  • Manage fee collection; manage transfers, drop-outs and withdrawals till finalizing of list of admitted applicants
  • Schedule various interviews and assessments; incorporate their scores into the selection process.
Placements Management Module
  • Automate the entire placement process of a HEI beginning with import/creation of student profiles, scheduling of company visits, logging of stage-wise student performance till publication of final results.
  • Create schedule for company visits and capture detailed eligibility criteria, offer information and recruitment process flow of each company; quick-view the same via a Placement Calendar.
  • Drive the placement process through the actual stakeholders – students, through an event-driven process flow
  • Provide Student Login and access to information about recruiters; provide real-time updates, alerts and notifications; facilitate résumé uploads as well as résumé generation in institution format.
  • Create and manage company database of potential recruiters or import the same.
  • Preview and assess all eligible lists of students applying for a company; export student lists to company in company-specified format; track student scores and performance in every stage of recruitment process
  • Integrate scores from Online assessment module directly into the Recruitment process
  • Provide dashboard reports on placement status; analyze student & institution performance.
Accreditation Module
  • Choose from accreditation processes offered by multiple Accreditation bodies (NBA/NAAC/ABET/NIRF etc) and configure the module as per each Board/Body’s specific workflows for HEIs and their programs; provide support for institutional as well as departmental or program-specific accreditation processes.
  • Capture/extract data from various information systems in pre-defined templates for analysis; enable gap analysis to find out what is present in existing data sources and what is required as per the accreditation process.
  • Create and export various types of Self-Study or IQAC reports (as per format prescribed by an accreditation body) before actual accreditation begins to test preparedness of the institution
  • Import historical data into the Accreditation module’s information management system, and maintain a centralized, protected repository accessible from the institution’s website.
  • Choose from pre-set Self-Study templates or customize fields as per requirements; automatically calculate formulas for quantitative metrics; design and deploy survey questionnaires to mimic actual conduct; provide pre-defined templates for entering qualitative data.
  • Provide a Document Management System to enable all the stakeholders (teachers, administrators, committees etc) to upload, version and manage multiple documents required for accreditation.
Awesome Features List

Product Highlights

Designed to fit the needs of HEIs of any size
Exhaustive Reporting
Dashboard metrics and variety of reports for analysis and perusal
Social Media Integration
Integrated with social networking features
Platform and Device-independent
Works on any device with a browser
Responsively designed with a mobile audience in mind
Flexible Deployment
Cloud-friendly or In-premises – You decide!
A User experience driven by behavior-driven development model and latest Web elements
An unmatched product line-up yet loosely coupled
Automatic notifications (via Email, SMS) to relevant stakeholders on event triggers
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It is easy to apply for more than once course online.

R. Niranjana
PSG CAS Online Portal User
It was easy to apply online rather than standing in college at a queue.
Gokul Santhosh
PSG CAS Online Portal User
Easier than manual registration

Sidharth Sunil Gadkari
PSG CAS Online Portal User
Fast response, pleasing and delivered the required information on time when we were in need of it.

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